Criminal Defence

Companies and Directors Prosecutions

Mansfield Chambers includes members who previously worked for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills ("BIS") and who understand how their prosecutions work.  We are excellently placed to defend companies and directors for offences such as books and records, fraud, and directors disqualification prosecutions.  In straightforward cases where you would not get legal aid you may find it easier and more affordable to instruct us directly rather than going through a solicitor.

In cases where an investigation is still ongoing we will be perfectly placed to advise you on how best to prevent a prosecution taking place, or to prepare your defence and limit any possible liability.  In appropriate cases we can begin work on your case immediately.

We are able to assist companies in assessing whether they are breaching legislation, for example houses in multiple occupation ("HMO") regulations.  We can then assist you to put right any issues to avoid costly local authority prosecutions.

Motoring / Driving Offences

Most motoring offences are outside the scope of legal aid, meaning that a direct access barrister will be the cheapest way of dealing with your case.  Speeding, drink driving, and careless driving cases are the most common offences dealt with as public access matters. We can advise you on how to prepare the case, how to gather evidence, and then represent you in court.  Fees are often considerably lower than those charged by specialist motoring law firms, and you can be sure that your case will always be dealt with by an expert barrister, rather than by paralegals.


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