Recruitment of Mini-Pupils

Mini-pupillage allows people to get to know Chambers and to determine whether a career in the law is for them.

Completion of mini-pupillage is not a criterion for the granting of pupillage or Membership at Mansfield Chambers.  Applications for mini-pupillage are particularly encouraged from those whose backgrounds are historically underrepresented within the legal profession.

Applications for mini-pupillages shall be by way of a CV and a covering letter. The covering letter should be word processed, no more than 2 pages A4, at least 12 point Times New Roman or Arial, with page margins of at least 2.5cm (although reasonable adjustments may, by agreement, be made for disabled applicants) explaining why the applicant is suitable for mini-pupillage at Mansfield Chambers.

The following recruitment criteria shall apply to mini-pupils:

  1. They must be at least 18 years old at the time of starting the mini-pupillage;
  2. They must be considering a career in the law;
  3. They must be expected to excel academically such that a career in law is realistic, bearing in mind that this is not always demonstrated by results in examinations;
  4. It is desirable that they are sympathetic to Chambers’ Fundamental Principles and Aims or can show some other reason why they are specifically applying to Mansfield Chambers.