“Islamic State” Convictions and Confusion

“Islamic State” Convictions and Confusion[i]

On Tuesday, as a result of addressing meetings intending to encourage support for ISIL/Daesh, a jury convicted a number of Muslim men of offences under the Terrorism Act 2000.  Andrew Jefferies QC, who represented the first defendant, explored two important issues during the course of the trial.  Firstly, evidence given during the trial highlighted the rise of Islamophobia (as opposed to anti-ISIL/Daesh feelings) which arguably has a significant effect upon young Muslims considering their position in the world[ii].  Secondly, evidence heard during the trial concerned the concept of “an” Islamic State compared to the proscribed organisation known as “Islamic State”[iii].  A greater understanding and consideration of these two issues is essential.

R v Alamgir and others, Central Criminal Court

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