Hussain Abu cleared of murder after Cross-Examination of two Prosecution Pathologists by Sam Stein QC

Mr Abu was cleared of murder after the cross examination of two prosecution pathologists by Sam Stein QC, at which point the prosecution accepted a plea to manslaughter, HHJ Hone QC passed a sentence of 7 years.

Sannah Javed, 26, bled to death after Hussain Abu inflicted 51 separate injuries on her, including a broken eye socket and cracked ribs.  Ms Javed had previously obtained a restraining order against Abu after he beat her up on another occasion, but she later took him back, the Old Bailey was told.

In December, Abu phoned 999 claiming his girlfriend had collapsed. She was found dead hours later at her home in Ilford, north east London.  The court heard how on the day prior to Ms Javed's death, Abu sent her text messages begging for forgiveness and vowing: 'I will never do it again'  The messages reveal he had 'tapped' Ms Javed's hand, but Abu told her: 'Please, I'm really sorry, I will never shout again and touch you.'

Ms Javed told him to come to her flat with the 'wine I love', adding: 'Always forgive you.'

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