About Mansfield Chambers

Mansfield Chambers was formed by Michael Mansfield QC to combat the ever increasing cuts to legal aid and what many have described as the continual erosion to the country's legal system and the access to justice for ordinary person.

A keen and high profile advocate of human rights and the necessity of publicly funded legal representation, Michael has created a "digital hub" based chambers which allows barristers the ability to continue representing the most vulnerable in society whilst reducing the inherent practising costs associated with the bar.

At Mansfield Chambers you will find a dedicated team of barristers, practising in a variety of fields that include crime, immigration, family law, prison law and administrative law. All our members are dedicated professionals who are driven to ensure that justice is done and is available for all.

As the head of chambers, Michael is well placed to lead Mansfield Chambers through an ever changing profession and ensure that the principals for which he gained his profile and reputation are both adhered to and built upon.

In support of all the barristers at Mansfield Chambers, there is a hard working and dedicated clerking team who are highly experienced in the running of a busy barristers chambers. They are on hand to deal with any queries that may arise and can be easily contacted either by phone or by email.

Equality and Diversity

Discrimination against traditionally underrepresented groups is an historic and continuing injustice in its own right, and has deprived the legal profession of many skilled practitioners. Mansfield Chambers is committed to promoting the prospects of individuals from traditionally under-represented groups in order to overcome negative discrimination and allow the most able practitioners to succeed, regardless of their background or identity.